May. 6th, 2016

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I made this wall a while ago and have just realised I've never posted it here.

stargatesg1971: (merlin - cut out)
In this scene from Love in the Time of Dragons, Merlin wakes up to discover Alice (an old love interest of Gaius) brewing up a potion with a manticore, a mythical monster who wants to poison the cold-hearted king Uther.

stargatesg1971: (merlin - cut out)
I decided to make a simple piece for this prompt and opted for the character's fear to project their 'dread' of what's the come. His eyes and facial expression tell a story all on their own, or at least they do to me. It's a scene from Arthur's Bane Part 1 where Gwaine is being chased by a wolf.

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