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Here’s your xmas present from your wish list [ profile] leesa_perrie. I hope you’ll like it.

Merry Christmas, Leesa xx

To the goodies.... )
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I should be answering my mail right now but instead I'm sharing this clip with you because imo, the conversation and audio overlay is brilliantly done and works perfectly with the footage of the dog. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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As my LJ has been hit recently by a number of spammers, all comments are now screened prior to being accepted.
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Primarily this LJ account will be the home for anything I create for the TV show, The Sentinel. However, I have now decided that I will post any new SG1/SGA/RDA and MacGyver related material here *aswell* as on my websites. That way, visitors to this LJ will get a sneak peak at what's new from me prior to it going online on my site.
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