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Icons made for Round 71 on tvcharacter20. For those of you unfamiliar with the series, dime novelist Ernest Pratt assumes the persona of his noble literary hero, Nicodemus Legend, and roams the Old West with his scientist friend Dr. Janos Bartok.

You're welcome to snag and use any of the icons below. If you use them at your LJ please credit [ profile] stargatesg1971 in the keywords as usual in LJ etiquette, if you use them elsewhere, please link back to this LJ. No direct or hot linking please. Thanks!



annoyed brown desire guess who my mood
silence smile tired two toned

Category - Life Events (presented in a timeline/story format)
Ernest meets
and becomes
Nicodemus Legend
he attempts his
first rescue
where fiction
becomes reality
and ends up
saving the day

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5

guess who tired

(10) Themes: annoyed, brown*, desire, guess who*, my mood*, silence*, smile, tired, two toned background*, & unique.

Brown: The main coloring of your icon should be brown.
Guess Who: Crop your character in a way that it would be hard to tell who they are. This can be done by cropping or showing your character from the back.
My mood: Icon your character emoting the mood you are in when you make your set.
Silence: Icon needs to show your character not talking.
Two toned background: Your background of the icon should be two different colors. You can do various shades of the same color such as light blue and dark blue.

(5) Category: Life Events - Make 5 icons showing the growth of your character. You can label these in the table if you would like.

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