Mar. 15th, 2016

stargatesg1971: (jim - blair - bw)
Initially I was a little stumped with this prompt but then I remembered the scene from Vendetta where Jim and Blair return to the loft to find a pile of manure waiting for them and figured it'd work perfectly; their facial expressions say it all.

stargatesg1971: (white collar - neal)
I thought Neal from White Collar was an apt choice for the prompt thief. In the episode One Last Stakeout he's blackmailed into stealing a chapter from a valuable book for Hagen. Initially I wanted to try and project the heist in its entirety but the wall became too busy and unstructured so I stuck with Neal in the end. I'm posting 2 versions of the same wall simply because I was playing around with the filters and kinda liked the end result in the b/w one too. Thanks to [ profile] leesa_perrie for providing me with episode names for this prompt.

stargatesg1971: (jim - blair - bw)
I made this so I could convert it into an icon but it just looks crap in tiny format so I'm posting it as my wild card for this round. It's smaller than what I'd normally post but enlarging it is out of the question 'cause the source pic for the background distorts if try to, oh well...

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